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Coal Mine Inspections

Mining in Maryland

Safety is primarily the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for inspections of all mine sites in Maryland. The Maryland Mining Program receives a grant from MSHA to provide miner safety training in both coal and non-coal mining.

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Coal mining in southeast Kansas. Workers from dozens of European countries were drawn to the lush landscapes of southeast Kansas in the late 19th century. Naturally occurring minerals buried just underground drew these men and their families from places like Italy, Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia, England, Wales, Scotland, France, and Belgium.

Inspection & Enforcement of Ohio's Coal & Industrial .

The division's regulatory program oversees active mining operations and the reclamation of the land by the mining company after the extraction of coal and/or other minerals. The inspection and enforcement section includes experienced mineral resource inspectors responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations designed to protect both .

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The Coal Act included surface as well as underground coal mines within its scope, required two annual inspections of every surface coal mine and four at every underground coal mine, and dramatically increased federal enforcement powers in coal mines. The Coal Act also required monetary penalties for all violations, and established criminal .

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Boiler, Elevator and Coal Mine Safety > Inspector Areas; State Inspectors. State Boiler/Pressure Vessel and Elevator Inspectors are assigned responsibility for specific regions of the State. The following is a list of the inspectors and the areas for which they are responsible. If you need more information or need to contact an inspector you .

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Introduction. Coal production is a relatively minor part of the Louisiana economy. All of Louisiana's coal is lignite, and commercial production is based in the northwestern part of the state. In 2004, the state produced approximately 3.8 million short tons of coal, worth approximately 75.8 million dollars, which ranked it 19th in the nation in coal production.

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Mar 15, 2017 · Stripping Miners of Safety Protections. . and demote safety inspections to offering "safety compliance assistance." . Safety and Training and the Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety. .

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Coal Program: The Coal Program is responsible for providing permits to coal companies, completing site inspections to confirm compliance and overseeing the reclamation and bond release process. Ensuring provisions of the coal rules are followed allows for continued extraction of coal to occur in a way that reduces and/or eliminates long term .

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Mining in Pennsylvania was a well regulated industry after the Avondale mine disaster in 1869.Details of mining accidents, fatal and nonfatal, can be found in the volumes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mine Inspector Reports.Publications began in 1870 and continues today; however, the reports are only genealogically useful until the 1920's.


Underground Coal Mine Inspection Process 2 Report No. 05-08-001-06-001 Due to the fatalities at the Crandall Canyon Mine in August 2007, we added it to our audit sample. 1 We determined that all seven required inspections were completed at the mine during FYs 2006 and 2007. However, consistent with our original audit work,

State Coal Mine Inspectors for the Coal Mines of Illinois

In 1887 he was appointed State inspector of mines for the third district by Governor Oglesby, and reappointed to the same position by Governor Fifer. In 1890 he resigned as State inspector, to engage in the coal mining business at Edwards.


performance standards for mine inspectors, the excessive paperwork ~ requirements, the possibility of a-reduction-in-force, and the harassment by miners and operators. ~ CONCLUSIONS MSHA has not performed all coal mine inspections required by the Coal Mine .


Active and Abandoned Mine Operations. DEP's Office of Active and Abandoned Mining Operations (AAMO) oversees nearly 500 Commonwealth employees located within four Bureaus. The office is responsible for the policies and implantation of programs that regulate or minimize the impact from the extraction of coal and noncoal (industrial minerals).

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The Coal Mines Inspection Act introduced the appointment of inspectors of coal mines, setting out their powers and duties, and placed them under the supervision of the Home Office. The Coal Mines Regulation Act of 1860 improved safety rules and raised the age limit for boys from 10 to 12.

B.070: Chesapeake Coal Mine Inspection Overhaul Act .

Chesapeake Coal Mine Inspection Overhaul Act. Whereas mining is a critical industry to many parts of the Chesapeake. Whereas mine inspection laws must be .

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To accomplish this task, the division employs state mine inspectors to scrutinize the work procedures, individual work habits and physical systems at the state's underground and surface coal mines. Since the 1870s safety inspections have been conducted at Illinois coal mines. As the coal industry grew, so did concern about safe working conditions.

Coal mining in southeast Kansas - Kansapedia - Kansas .

Coal mining in southeast Kansas. Workers from dozens of European countries were drawn to the lush landscapes of southeast Kansas in the late 19th century. Naturally occurring minerals buried just underground drew these men and their families from places like Italy, Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia, England, Wales, Scotland, France, and Belgium.

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The Labor Department in The Carter Administration: A Summary Report January 14, 1981 By Ray Marshall Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) MSHA was created in the Labor Department by legislation in 1978. Previously, responsibility for enforcement of federal mine safety and health legislation belonged to the Department of the Interior and, prior to 1973, to the Bureau of Mines.

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1.1 Promulgation of Coal Waste Impoundment Inspection The inspection of coal waste impoundments is required by the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (Public Law 91-173). Section 103(a) of the Act set many of the initial rules and regulations for mine inspections and investigations and is shown below. SEC. 103.

Request a State or Federal Inspection of a Coal Mine

Before sending this Citizen's Request for an Inspection form you may have questions or want to discuss the potential problem with the state agency responsible for the mine you think is in violation. We have also included a sample form that may be used as a guide to ensure you have collected the necessary information.

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Mine Safety Inspections & Accident Prevention. As mandated by law, the division's inspectors conduct mine inspections and safety audits of Ohio's underground and surface coal and industrial minerals mines and mining properties to reduce unsafe conditions or practices and investigate accidents reported by mine operators.

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The Bureau of Mines, headquartered in Vincennes, Indiana, inspects all Indiana underground coal mining operations and certifies specific mining occupations. The Bureau also maintains a mine rescue station, trains mine rescue teams, and collects and indexes mine maps. Currently there are .

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Secretary of Labor with the authority to conduct inspections and investigations of coal and other mines. Additionally, Section 103(a) provides ARs with the right of entry to, upon, and through any coal or other mine. Only persons who have been authorized by the Secretary and have had proper credentials issued to them shall conduct

Ending State Mine Inspections Wouldn't Save Kentucky Any .

Mar 09, 2016 · A bill under consideration in the Kentucky General Assembly that would end state coal mine safety inspections isn't being pursued for financial reasons, according to the state Energy and .

Kentucky Reduces Number of Coal Mine Safety Inspections to .

Jul 11, 2017 · Kathy Bartlett watched helplessly this spring as Kentucky lawmakers cut back on mine safety inspections and replaced them with coaching sessions on .

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If you need more information, call the Office of the State Mine Inspector in Rock Springs at (307) 362-5222. Inspector Rules Search. You can search through the Mine Inspector or Mining Council Rules available on the Wyoming Secretary of State website. After clicking on the link below, select "Employment, Dept. of" for the agency.

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Dec 17, 2013 · Frank Kolarik, a foreman at an underground coal mine discusses the basic practices that are part of an underground foreman's pre-shift exam duties. Don Conrad, Mining Consultant, begins the video .

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Mining practices, reclamation, and health and safety procedures are monitored on a regular basis by the Departments' field inspectors. COAL DIVISION PERSONNEL. The Oklahoma Department of Mines Coal Division consists of three basic subdivisions comprised of Technical Services, Permitting, and Inspection and Enforcement.

Bob Murray: MSHA inspections 'total harassment'

Aug 11, 2016 · Those regulations are coming out against coal, against the utilization of coal as well as the mining of coal faster than we can read them. Murray went on: Talk about harassment. In the first two days of this month, our mines had 89 federal inspectors from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration run by former UMWA safety man Joe Main.